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Focus On Life

Design your healing experience. Gather. Remember. Rejoice.

Funeral Home in Fort Dodge

A Compassionate Funeral Home in Fort Dodge

Choosing funeral homes can be challenging. When you work with our funeral home, we can help with all aspects of funeral planning, including obituaries to give your loved ones the memorial they deserve. Our Gunderson Funeral Home & Cremation Services team provides the physical and emotional support you need during this difficult time.

  • Honoring Life

    Honoring Life

    Honoring your life after your passing is a personal thing. Pre-planning funerals may not seem like a pleasant experience, but they can provide the peace of mind your family deserves after their loss. As you pre-plan your funeral, we will help you make the best choices to remain within your budget and give your family the memorial service they deserve to honor your life.

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  • Design A Healing Experience

    Design A Healing Experience

    Funeral arrangements in Fort Dodge are more for the family and friends you leave behind. A funeral should be a healing experience that helps loved ones remember you and gives them the closure they need. With our help, you can design a funeral that reflects your personality and helps your family and friends heal from their loss and move on with their lives.

    Design Your Experience

  • Funerals


    Whether you need funeral services for a loved one who has passed or are interested in funeral pre-arrangements, our team is standing by to help you. We work closely with you throughout the funeral pre-planning process to ensure your funeral is just what you want it to be. If your loved one has passed without marking pre-arrangements, we can also help you create a funeral that memorializes their life and helps you move forward.

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  • Burials


    Burying a loved one is an emotionally-trying time. We will create a powerful ceremony that helps your loved ones heal from their loss with our burial services. We offer the beautiful burials you want to ensure your family gets the closure they need.

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  • Cremation


    If you prefer cremation, we can also plan and hold cremation services to ensure the same closure. Our team works closely with you to pre-plan a funeral that showcases your personality. We want you to get the send off you want at the end of your life.

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  • Veteran's Services

    Veteran's Services

    Veteran’s services are a special event to honor an individual who served the country. At our funeral home in Fort Dodge, we offer the unique veteran’s services your loved one deserves to thank them for their service. Talk to our team about planning a funeral for a veteran today!

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